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The three-day BunkerExperience course presents an unbeatable combination of intensive classroom teaching and real-life bunkering experience. 

Focusing on:

  • barge operations and sampling
  • testing lab procedures and bunker quality
  • onboard fuel handling
  • ship type familiarisation.

BUNKEREXPERIENCE is guaranteed to provide a rock solid intellectual and practical introduction into the three most important hands-on elements of the bunker business.

The morning classroom sessions are geared towards preparing students to make the most of the afternoon 'real life' experience of working on a bunker barge, working in a testing laboratory and 'going to sea' for close-up views of different types of ships, terminals and port facilities.


This all-inclusive programme includes:

  • three nights’ hotel accommodation

  • lunches, dinners and drinks

  • transportation to and from the ‘practical’ sites

  • course materials

  • course certificate.

Even for those who have been in the industry for many years, this course offers something really special.

In order to provide and safeguard the right attention, groups will not exceed 20 attendees

Each day will begin with theoretical lectures, covering the subjects of the day. These lectures do not exceed 3 hours!



  • Anyone involved in the bunker industry who hasn't had the opportunity to experience the "real life" of bunkering while on the job, regardless of how many years one has been in this business
  • Anyone who would like to freshen-up their knowledge and/or real-life experience.

Due to the practical nature of this course, space is strictly limited so early registration is strongly recommended.


Course Objective


During this course you will:

  • get a global overview of oil: reserves, pricing mechanisms, future of oil, alternative energy, interesting info and statistics
  • get to know all about Mass Flow Meters (MFM)
    • how do they work, how reliable are they, can they be tampered with?
    • what do they cost, what are the legal consequences, etc.?
  • get familiar with relevant definitions, sampling and blending procedures, tank tables, calibration tables, and make calculations by yourself
  • measure a barge yourself guided by the 1st class marine surveyors of Inspectorate b.v.
  • take temperatures, sample, see, and smell the oil
  • perform tests on this sample, in Rotterdam's dedicated laboratory of Saybolt
  • learn how crude oil finally comes to fuel oil and how this makes an engine run, lectured by Ton Visser
  • cruise through one of the leading ports of the world, to see ships, terminals and port facilities close-up.

See and learn about:

  • the differences between distinct types of vessels i.e. a chemical tanker to a VLCC, and a panamax bulkcarrier to a postpanamax UCC
  • port infrastructure, loading installations, jetties, and terminals
  • understanding operational problems regarding "get-at-ability" for bunker barges, elevators, cranes, garbage and slop barges, and "board-board transshipment" for vessels alongside, etc.


  • get hands-on legal guidelines from a top marine lawyer
  • get to know ins and outs about the Rotterdam barge market.


Quotes from past attendees:


‘Overall, it was a great course, both practical + first hand experience’
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCCL)


‘An excellent introduction to the bunkering business’
ExxonMobil (Singapore)


‘I would like to thank you for everything and what you have done for us. The course was really great and I have learned a lot of things. In addition, barges, lab and all evening events were great, thank you indeed!’
Mideast Ship Management Ltd


‘I really enjoyed the course. Companies involved in bunkering should be encouraged to allow more employees attend this course’
Ghana Oil Company Ltd


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